Past Events

The Secret Story of Israel’s Targeted Assassinations

Speaker:  Ronen Bergman, Journalist and Author


Event date:

Tax Workshop- 2018 Income Tax Update

Speaker:  Shai Ben-Yehoshua, CPA, MBA, Founder and President Taxvision



Presentation topics:

·       Individual tax rate

·      Corporate tax rate

·      Flow through entities (Partnerships, S-Corps) tax rates

·      Standard Deduction and child tax credit

·      Alternative Minimum Tax

·      Estate Tax exclusion

·      Bonus Depreciation

Event date:

Winning the Daily Battles

Speaker: Arik Zeevy, Olympic Medalist, Founder and CEO of the Israeli Foundation of Olympic Excellence


Arik Zeevi will share his fascinating story as one of the world's top athletes in his field. He will candidly discuss his experiences as an Olympic athlete and his career milestones. Zeevi will speak about his daily wins and losses and will provide some insight about his way of managing stress.


Event date:

From Academia to Innovative Entrepreneurship: Perspectives from Israel


Dr. Miriam Kidron: Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Oramed Pharmaceuticals

 Nadav Kidron: CEO & President of Oramed Pharmaceuticals


Event date:

Discovering Israel’s Heart – Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Social Responsibility


Dr. Jacob (Kobi) Richter is the founder, chairman and Chief Technology Officer of Medinol, Chair of the Board of Directors of Darkenu




Event date:

The Whispering Machines: Where AI Meets Industrial IoT


Speaker: Saar Yoskovitz, Co-Founder and CEO of Augury



Event date:

The Food of Tomorrow- Global Trends, Israeli Ecosystem and The Kitchen

 Speaker: Jonathan Berger, CEO of ‘The Kitchen’    

Event date:

Enhancing Emotional Intelligence: Top Tips for improving Conflict Management and Collaboration skills

You are a smart professional with a great track record. The challenges you are facing are continually evolving: you need to communicate and collaborate with challenging bosses, colleagues and co-workers, often across geographical boundaries. The key to success in this evolving workplace lies in enhancing your Emotional Intelligence toolset. 

This interactive workshop will help you enhance your Emotional Intelligence and improve your communication and conflict management skills to create a more collaborative workplace


Speakers: Dr. Limor Kaufman, organizational consultant and psychologist & Shira Ronen, Founder & CEO of Spectrum Consulting    

Event date:

Building an Awareable future - the promise of wearable & AI technologies

Speaker: Omri Yoffe, CEO and Co-Founder of LifeBEAM




Event date:

Israeli Trials of the Decade - From a Former Prime Minister to an Army Sergeant

Speakers: Adv. Dr. Israel (Reli) Leshem, Adv. Eyal Rosovsky and Adv. Nadav Weisman


Event date:

Cyber Security for Industrial Control Networks - What’s Real and What’s Not

Speaker: Lior Frenkel, CEO and Co-Founder or Waterfall Security Solutions


Event date:

From Co-founding Cyota (RSA) to scaling Actimize (NICE) to the CEO of Sisense

Insights from building successful Israeli companies in NYC 

  Speaker: Amir Orad, Sisense CEO, serial entrepreneur




Event date:

Cyber Everywhere: The New Cyber Era, Opportunities, and Israel's Unique Cyber Eco-System

Speakers: Amir Rapaport, Founder of Cybertech, Editor-in-Chief of ‘Israel Defense’


Dr. Yossi Vardi, Serial Entrepreneur and Investor




Event date:

Terror can be defeated - On Special Forces and Counter Black Swan Strategies

Speaker: B.G.(Res.) Gal Hirsch, Defensive-Shield Holdings Ltd. Chairman




Event date:

Israel's Gas Market - From Crisis to Revival

Speaker: Dr. Efraim (Efi) Chalamish

Thought Leader, International Economic Law Professor, Advisor, Commentator, Dynamic Public Speaker

Event date:

Doxil - The First FDA Approved Nano-Drug

 Lesson Learned as Scientist, Developer and Entrepreneur

 Speaker: Professor  Yechezkel (Chezy) Barenholz
Head of Membrane and Liposome Research Lab,

Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School


Event date:

Transparent Technologies- The Amazing Evolution of Technologies

Speaker: Uzi Hanuni, Founder & CEO Maxtech Networks 

  • The Biggest Paradigm Shift in Technology, Ever
  • There is an underlying mega-trend driving 12 of the most influential technological developments of our time.
  • Technology is transformed into something completely different and the Human-Technology relationship changes radically.
  • Observing this new direction we are heading in, what future can we foresee for our habitat, lifestyle and our very selves?


Event date:

The Economic Landscape in Israel: Challenges and Opportunities

Speaker: Yoel Naveh, Chief Economist, Israel Ministry of Finance

Event date:

Arab Citizens as Israel's Next Growth Engine: Government and Business Investment in Employment and Economic Development

Speaker: Aiman Saif, General Director of  the 
Authority for Economic Development of the Arab, Druze and Circassian Sectors
 in the Prime Minister's Office



Event date:

The Intelligence Challenge in Cyber

Yair Cohen, Co-Founder, PeriTech CEO

Former Head of the Cyber & Intelligence IDF Unit (8200)

Event date:

New Approach to the Way Small Businesses are Financed

Jack Elaad, Co-Founder, Chairman at Credithood

Event date:

Striving for a More Equitable and Affordable Society

  Moshe Kahlon, Israeli Ministry of Finance

In 2015, Moshe Kahlon was appointed Minister of Finance for the State of Israel.  This followed his reelection to the Knesset as Founder and Head of the Kulanu Party.

Event date:

Israel through film


Israeli films- as a form of art and an industry with powerful means of communication in turbulent times

Speaker: Dorit Inbar, Executive Director of the New Fund for Cinema and Television (NFCT)

Event date:

The rise of the Marketing Cyborg - using data to achieve what a human cannot do alone


Speaker: Ran Sarig, Datorama CEO & Co-Founder



Event date:

Joint event with Task Force, NCJW: Israeli Women in the Workplace: Employment and Equal Opportunity


 Tziona Koenig-Yair, Commissioner
Israel's Equal Employment Opportunity Commission


Do Israeli women face discrimination in the workplace? What obstacles do women, and minority women especially, face in joining the workforce? How does women's access to employment affect Israel's economy at large?


Since 2008, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has made employment rights and opportunities for all Israeli women a socio-economic priority. Join us for a discussion with Commissioner Tziona Koenig-Yair, selected as one of one hundred most influential people of Israel's "The Marker" magazine for 2011, about efforts to address discrimination in the workplace and the importance of equal access to employment for Israel's economic growth.

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