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Impact of Covid-19 on U.S Capital Market: Insights from Israeli Companies’ Experiences




Sass Darwish, MD, RBC Capital Markets

Miri Segal-Scharia, CEO of MS-IR LLC

Oded Har-Even, Partner, Sullivan & Worcester LLP


The disruption to global business caused by the coronavirus pandemic has forced us to change the way we operate, but it has also highlighted the importance of certain fundamental best practices. Looking back to March, consensus viewed the pandemic as temporary, with the return to normalcy expected within several months. However, as we enter July, the crisis continues to cripple the world with no end in sight. As a result, issuers and capital market participants need to operate and do business differently.  

We will discuss various aspects of the U.S market and how it was impacted by Covid-19. Our board members will review the following topics:

·      Capital raise of public and private companies

·      M&A industry

·      Investor communication

·      Regulatory changes implemented by leading exchanges

We will provide a general overview and also drill down on how Israeli companies and management teams have operated during this period. We hope that you will find the discussion insightful and we welcome your participation, live questions and feedback.



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Modern Tribes of Israeli Politics

Speaker: Amir Tibon, Washington, D. C. Correspondent for Haaretz


For the first time in Israel's 70-year history, the country has gone to three elections in the course of less than a year. What are the roots of this political and legal crisis? Why has no solution emerged? And could Israel's internal rifts lead to even a fourth or fifth election? Join us for a conversation with award-winning Israeli journalist Amir Tibon, the Washington correspondent for Haaretz newspaper, who will talk about how social and religious divisions in Israel are shaping the country's fractured political system. Amir spoke with IBF last year ahead of Israel's "first" election of 2019; he will return on again to talk about the latest events in the country - and what comes next. 




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Financing Higher Education in the Current Dynamic Labor Market


Speaker: Prof. Yaffa Zilbershats


Event date:

The Story of Fabric: Solving the Challenge of Profitable On-demand Deliveries


Speaker: Elram Goren, Co-Founder and CEO of Fabric


Event date:

Israel’s expanding international presence and its opportunities

Major. Gen (Ret) Matan Vilnai, Former Ambassador to China, Former Israeli Government Minister and
Member of Knesset



Event date:

The Age of (Secured) Intelligent Machines


Speaker: Major Gen. (Res.) Professor Isaac Ben-Israel



Event date:

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Luck


Speaker: Dov Moran, Managing Partner, Grove Ventures



Event date:

Economic, Social, and Political Challenges to Equal Delivery of Healthcare in Israel


Speaker: Prof. Raphi Walden






Join us for a conversation with Prof. Raphi Walden, a vascular surgeon and deputy medical director of Sheba Medical Center, faculty member at Tel Aviv  U. School of Medicine, and president of Physicians for Human Rights in Israel. Prof. Walden will address the current state of health care in Israel, pressures and shortages in the health system that are seriously impacting delivery to all Israelis, inequities between the center and periphery in Israel, including the disadvantage suffered by Israelis in the South. Prof. Walden, whose organization, sends a mobile medical clinic each weekend to the Palestinian areas in the West Bank, will also address the de-development and under-development of the Palestinian health care system in the West Bank and Gaza that is impacting overall regional health. Prof. Walden will also give a brief overview of the history of Physicians for Human Rights and how it engages world-renown medical professionals in its work. He will be joined by his wife, Prof. Tsvia Peres Walden, and by Ran Goldstein, director of Physicians for Human Rights in Israel.



Event date:

Insiders Perspective on Israeli Elections

Speaker: Amir Tibon, Washington, D. C. correspondent for Haaretz



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The Challenges and Benefits of Running an Israeli company in the U.S.: A CEO Perspective

 Panel discussion moderated by Colin Diamond, Head of Israel Practice, White & Case LLP

Ofer Druker, CEO Taptica
Yaniv Nissim,
CEO GoParrot
Eli Singer,
CEO JethoData
Pini Yakuel,
CEO Optimove



Event date:

Doing Israeli Deals: Perspectives from Venture Capital and Corporate M&A Dealmakers

 Panel discussion moderated by Yael Oshman, BHI-Tech, with the following senior industry veterans:


Liron Gitig, Partner FTV Capital
Inbar Haham,
Partner Capital A
Uri Perelman,
Head of M&A, NICE
Danny Schultz,
Partner Gotham Ventures
Assaf Zipori,
Head of M&A, Amdocs


Event date:

“They Ain’t Ready For Me” Documentary Trailer Screening and Talkback

Tamar Manasseh is a Jewish African American community activist that is fighting gun violence in the Chicago South Side, and the subject of Brad Rothschild’s latest documentary. Sass Darwish will facilitate a discussion that will touch upon this inspiring story, the rising concerns of gun violence in the U.S. and, the differences / similarities to Israeli gun violence.




Event date:

The LegalTech revolution and how it benefits you

Event date:

Fireside Chat with Waze CEO Noam Bardin


Event date:

Inventing two online categories - from Contextual Advertising (Quigo) to Content Discovery (Outbrain)


Speaker: A Yaron Galai - Co-Founder & CEO, Outbrain



Event date:

The Face of Israeli Society - Israel 70 Years Old

A Journey into Two Worlds: From the Military world to the Business and the Social Sector

Speaker: Ahuva Yanai, CEO of Matan

Event date:

Inside Look at the Israeli Hi-Tech


Speaker: Dr. Ami Appelbaum, Chief Scientist and Chairman of the Board, Israel Innovation Authority


Event date:

New Methods to Create Value in MedTech – Bridging the Gap between Israel and the US

Speaker: Dr. Uri Geiger, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Accelmed

Event date:

The Secret Story of Israel’s Targeted Assassinations

Speaker:  Ronen Bergman, Journalist and Author


Event date:

Tax Workshop- 2018 Income Tax Update

Speaker:  Shai Ben-Yehoshua, CPA, MBA, Founder and President Taxvision



Presentation topics:

·       Individual tax rate

·      Corporate tax rate

·      Flow through entities (Partnerships, S-Corps) tax rates

·      Standard Deduction and child tax credit

·      Alternative Minimum Tax

·      Estate Tax exclusion

·      Bonus Depreciation

Event date:

From Academia to Innovative Entrepreneurship: Perspectives from Israel


Dr. Miriam Kidron: Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Oramed Pharmaceuticals

 Nadav Kidron: CEO & President of Oramed Pharmaceuticals


Event date:

Discovering Israel’s Heart – Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Social Responsibility


Dr. Jacob (Kobi) Richter is the founder, chairman and Chief Technology Officer of Medinol, Chair of the Board of Directors of Darkenu




Event date:

The Whispering Machines: Where AI Meets Industrial IoT


Speaker: Saar Yoskovitz, Co-Founder and CEO of Augury



Event date:

The Food of Tomorrow- Global Trends, Israeli Ecosystem and The Kitchen

 Speaker: Jonathan Berger, CEO of ‘The Kitchen’    

Event date:

Enhancing Emotional Intelligence: Top Tips for improving Conflict Management and Collaboration skills

You are a smart professional with a great track record. The challenges you are facing are continually evolving: you need to communicate and collaborate with challenging bosses, colleagues and co-workers, often across geographical boundaries. The key to success in this evolving workplace lies in enhancing your Emotional Intelligence toolset. 

This interactive workshop will help you enhance your Emotional Intelligence and improve your communication and conflict management skills to create a more collaborative workplace


Speakers: Dr. Limor Kaufman, organizational consultant and psychologist & Shira Ronen, Founder & CEO of Spectrum Consulting    

Event date: